// Paradigm

A bold new shopper advocacy concept that has been in development since 2008 based around hundreds of consumer electronics programs that Red Leaf has developed over the past 16 years.  The retail tools incorporated into these Paradigm concepts utilize research, design, technology, and strategy to maximize the retail environment to its fullest.

Though born from the consumer electronics industry, it is flexible, highly customizable, and can be implemented by many industries and products.

See below for a quick overview of each Paradigm product description.

ASK Concierge

The interactive graphic interface greets and invites shoppers to interact with its customized content at the first point of contact in the retail environment.

Watch the ASK Concierge video.

Mobile ASK Concierge

A Smartphone application that provides consumers helpful shopping tools before, during and after their store visit.  Popular uses includes coupons, GPS store locators and Bluetooth offers.


Take advantage of existing high-bay lights in retail environments to provide new signage, promotional opportunities, while providing a cost-effective method of softening and altering the mood within a store.

Multi-Category Vignette

Complementary products are presented in a convenient and efficient form factor, demonstrating  all of the components of a home theatre solution or similar product family to increase up-selling opportunities.

Smart Accessory Centre

Educate consumers about accessories, with the ultimate goal of increasing the attachment rate for these high margin items.

Watch the Smart Accessory Centre video.

Vertical Merchandiser

An interactive display system that provides unassisted sales support. It welcomes shoppers via a built-in monitor and encourages them to interact with the products on display, providing information and assistance to help shoppers conduct a self-guided sales process.

Watch the Vertical Merchandiser video.

Wall System

A unique ‘off the shelf’ retail display solution that allows retailers and manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively transform their retail environment.

Watch the Wall System video.

Wireless Table

A freestanding interactive table with trigger mechanisms providing product information when products are removed from its cradle. This table allows complementary high margin accessory products to be displayed alongside the hardware it supports.

Watch the Wireless Table video.