// Our Approach

Process for Success

Successful retail consumer engagement programs require careful strategy and planning. At Red Leaf, we have developed a comprehensive process honed by more than twenty years of experience and hundreds of successful programs. It’s a process based on our real life experiences, which we’ve adapted into a strict set of guidelines that we follow on every project to ensure quality control.


Our process begins with a thorough understanding of both the market and our client’s objectives.

  • Market research
  • Client strategies transitioned to retail opportunities
  • Understand external marketing behaviour, targeting demographic purchasing and influences
  • Integrate client strategies within retail environment to maximize overall program


Our development team consists of internal staff and an expansive network of external partners.

  • Full design strategy to complement in-store goals
  • Global manufacturing partnerships for greater effect and maximized reach
  • Maximize efficiency through competitive quality and innovation
  • Prioritize flexibility and longevity through sustainability


Our emphasis on this complex and underappreciated phase of every program ensures effective client results.

  • Integrate strategy, production and service offering at retail
  • Optimize logistics and in-field service support with the goal to surpass expected deficiency standards
  • Structured service and reporting products
  • An array of customer driven services