Our Executive Team

Christopher Potter

CEO & Founder

Chris Potter has an Honours Degree in Visual Communication from NSCAD, one of the leading design programs in the world. He transferred his graphic and marketing creative abilities to the fields of retail and industrial design in the late 80’s. His unique vision to intersect visual communication and industrial design within the retail environment created programs which elevated the brand identities for major CE companies. Many programs implemented, introduced trends and strategies used today regarding cross category marketing, shop-in-shop or department destinations, organic retail environments, sustainability and brand continuity between categories.

Email: cpotter@redleafretail.com

Pat Button

Venture Capital and Joint Venture Relations

Pat Button completed an economics degree from the University of Western Ontario, as well as his MBA at the University of Toronto prior to working the last 20 years in the Consumer Electronics & Wireless industries. Pat held executive sales and marketing positions with some of these industries’ biggest brands, Sony, Samsung, Bell Canada, LG and RIM. In each of these roles Pat was responsible for marketing and transforming their retail channels, and has found these experiences have created a unique innovative approach to maximizing the consumers path to purchase.

Email: pbutton@redleafretail.com

Alfred Janach

Vice President of Manufacturing

Alfred is a veteran in the retail fixture industry with over 30 years experience. After 10 years as a supplier to Red Leaf, Alfred joined the company in 2004 to oversee all production, from pricing, engineering and manufacturing through to fulfillment. Alfred also provides strategic and business planning for Red Leaf and its clients. Alfred continues to be enthralled by the process of creating a project from nothing and seeing it through to completion. He joined Red Leaf for the opportunity to apply his knowledge to a much wider field and to fully experience the limitless creativity of the Red Leaf environment and design philosophy.

Email: ajanach@redleafretail.com