// Consumer Engagement Tools

Red Leaf offers technology tools that appeal to the shopper’s senses. These tools combine our research, strategy and design expertise to further enhance consumer engagement and fully optimize the retail environment. Through our proven technology partners, we offer customizable tools that help meet the requirements of every client retail program.

Red Leaf’s technology tools influence many internal and external factors pertaining to a shopper’s purchasing decision. From guided selling applications to security solutions to data measurement software, we create the ideal strategy and technology to interact with consumers and help our clients sell more products, reduce returns and maintain margins.

See below for a quick overview of each tool description.

Guided Selling™

Red Leaf offers an interactive software program that narrows product choices to those that best fit the shopper’s need. The questions utilize an order and logic that produces product purchase selections that best fit the consumer’s lifestyle.

  • Educate shoppers to justify higher priced offerings
  • Increase average basket value
  • Increase affirmation and decrease returns

Digital Signage

Digital signage gets noticed in retail environments. It attracts glances and leverages video content used in other channels. Using digital signage in the in-store environment can create:

  • Increased shopper views
  • Increased sales
  • Increased brand retention

Trigger Technology™

Create a deeper, more meaningful customer experience by capitalizing on a shopper’s desire to engage with a product. Shoppers can receive context-sensitive content through the use of Red Leaf’s proprietary guided selling application via built-in digital displays or onscreen product displays. Simply lifting a product off its cradle, triggers digital content designed to help narrow product choices.

  • Shopper’s aptitude to interact with product
  • Sense of curiosity over the possibility of an onscreen reward for interaction

Customizable Platform

Each concept is built within a specific form factor that matches each and every one of our customer brand specifications. We customize our display concepts according to:

  • Branding guidelines
  • Space restrictions
  • Allotted promotional strategy

Ambient & Focal Lighting

Utilize lighting strategies to influence shopper dwell time around your product. Shoppers will spend more time in an area that is warmly lighted. Dwell time has been correlated to both an increase in purchase likeliness and average selling price through focused shopper attention on your product. Focal lighting increases the likelihood that your product will get glances in the retail environment.

Sound & Music

Using music and sound can do multiple things for your brand in-store:

  •  Attract shoppers to your display
  • Increase dwell time
  • Capitalize and reinforce out of store music to brand associations

Scent Strategies

Marketers can create a kind of branded scent that shoppers will associate the brand with. Scents have the subtle ability to alter and influence a shopper’s:

  • Mood
  • Perception of environment
  • Dwell time

Tactile Strategies

Research indicates shoppers want to pick up and interact with products before they buy; therefore touch is an important part of their purchase decision. Red Leaf offers a variety of flexible security products that encourage interaction and ensure products remain in the store.

Facial Recognition

Red Leaf’s facial recognition technology identifies key demographic features of shoppers interacting with displays such as age and gender. With this information, the display solution can:

  • Display user specific content to deliver targeted messaging via a variety of tools
  • Gather anonymous user data to aid in analyzing the interactions with the display

Virtual Concierge™

Take the best features of the friendliest, most helpful greeter and package them in digital format. The virtual concierge welcomes shoppers and provides directions to products they are looking for and other helpful information about the retail environment.

POP Display

Red Leaf creates custom point of purchase fixtures that are specifically designed to emphasize the uniqueness of your brand and meet the most exacting in-store installation requirements.

Guided Usage App™

To provide superior customer experiences and create long-term brand advocates, this application is available for tablet and smartphone users to answer questions about products they’ve recently purchased, including suggestions how to best use the product.

Near Field Communication

NFC leverages the ability of smartphones to receive messages from in-store displays. With a simple ‘tap’, NFC enables shoppers to access helpful data right at the point of purchase, such as product information, coupons, downloadable information or mobile applications.

Quick Response Code

QR Codes take pieces of transitory media to enable shoppers to use their Smartphone’s to scan and open predefined information. This helps retailers pass valuable promotion or usage information to shoppers instantaneously. Below are a few of many sources where QR Codes can be found:

  • Retail Displays
  • Business Cards
  • Print Materials
  • Product Packaging
  • Digital Signage

Web Integration

Using a hard-line, Wi-Fi, or LTE connection, we can draw information from our in-store displays or push content down to the stores in real time.

Digital Content Manager and Distribution Portal

This innovative infrastructure tool distributes digital content to the retail environment and mobile devices, providing a consistent message across multiple channels and maximizing your content investment.

Analytics Gathering

A real-time system developed by Red Leaf to gather data collected from one or all of the retail tools implemented.

Dashboard Analytics

Customized reports are developed for our clients, which are compiled using aggregated data, helping to build a more meaningful picture of product performance and consumer behaviour. These data reports are presented in a user-friendly format giving clients the flexibility to select desired data.