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Red Leaf’s Evolution

Red Leaf’s Heritage:

For the past twenty years, Red Leaf has been a leader in creating engaging and customizable retail displays within the Consumer Electronics industry. Our extensive shopper marketing knowledge and experience has allowed us to deliver hundreds of innovative retail experiences to some of the biggest Retailers and Manufacturers.  Red Leaf’s product displays have been so influential, they have helped shape manufacturer brand strategies, and influence market share shifts.

  • Red Leaf primarily engaged shoppers within the last three feet in retail, converting shoppers into buyers
  • Our focus was to establish the in-store message and environment for products
  • We created destination points for shoppers to engage and learn

Red Leaf Today:

Our continuous efforts to invest in design, shopper marketing/consumer behaviour knowledge and technology has made Red Leaf one of North America’s foremost in-store display experts

  • We continue to lead in effective shopper engagement from the last three feet of retail all the way to the retail store lease line
  • Is established as a display leader in the Mobile category along with the Consumer Electronics industry, helping to educate and guide shoppers towards the path to purchase
  • Has begun implementation of interactive displays consisting of guided selling and self-help applications
  • Has developed both a high tech virtual concierge, and a low cost modular shelving & display system to extend itself to all display price categories serving any of its clients needs
  • Continues to advance Red Leaf’s reach to National and Global partners, allowing its clients to be serviced in all their regions

Red Leaf’s New & Future Capabilities:

Red Leaf believes the future of retail is upon us with the conversion of in-store mobile browsing & commerce, along with social media engagement throughout the path to purchase.   We attended the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2012 Show & introduced our latest ‘Guided Selling Platform’ combined with face detection.  It displayed the many leading-edge technology tools that we will be deploying in 2012.

  • In-store engagement & education is combined with post-purchase CRM strategies to drive brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Provide clients with a multitude of technological tools and applications that generate retail POS data along with shopper journey analytics
  • Offer tools that provide clients with aggregated data reports generated from measurable factors, along the purchase path